Oliver's German Bakery


Oliver’s German Bakery and eatery is located in heart of Dieppe, just a stroll away from Greater Moncton Area shopping centers.

We serve both public and wholesalers five days a week.
In our bakery, you can find healthy and fine traditional German breads and pastries made daily with organic and kosher ingredients. We only use the finest ingredients, avoid use of preservatives and do not use any sugar in our breads which makes them even better for you!

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Here at the bakery we also have plenty of room for those who would like to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee with their sweets. We also serve hot and delicious homemade lunches. Our meals are made fresh daily with natural and organic ingredients. Some of the items usually on the menu are homemade soups, sandwiches, and quiches, which are all served at very reasonable prices. We produce various products daily, here are just a few from our ovens:

Organic Historic 9-Grain bread
Organic Spelt bread
Organic Spelt with pumpkin seed bread
Organic Mix (spelt/Kamut) bread
Organic Kamut bread
Protein bread bread
Whole-wheat bread
Sunflower bread
Pumpkinseed bread
3-Grain bread
7-Grain bread
Pumpernickel bread
Dark-rye bread
Country-rye bread
Berliner bread
Kassler bread
Bavarian rye bread

White Bread bread
Organic 9-Grain Bagels
Organic Spelt Bagels
Organic Spelt Pita bread
Organic Kamut Pita bread
Organic 9-Grain Pizza Crust
Organic Spelt Pizza Crust
Organic Spelt Croutons
Organic Kamut Chips
Organic Spelt Breadcrumbs
Spelt Apple bread (sugar-free)
Spelt Banana bread (made with honey)
Spelt Carrot bread (made with honey)
Spelt Poppyseed and Lemon bread (made with honey)
So, if you are looking for a delicious and healthy loaf of bread, traditional German pastries, or a delicious homemade lunch, drop in and see us today!